Miss Penny's P 1-12

Miss Mary Penney's Punctuation Rules


P1     Place a comma before a coordinate conjunction (and, but, for, nor, or)
         when it joins two closely related sentences.       

P2     Place a semicolon between two closely related sentences not joined
         by a coordinate conjunction.

P3     Place a semicolon before a coordinate conjunction that joins two closely
         related sentences, if there is internal punctuation, or if the sentence is very long.

P4     Place a comma after an introductory adverbial clause, or a long introductory
         phrase, or any introductory phrase containing a verb.

P5     Commas separate members of a series.

P6     Commas set off non-essential (non-restrictive) elements.

P7     Commas set off works of direct address.

P8     Commas, question marks. or exclamation marks separate words of saying
         from the words of a direct quotation.

P9     Commas follow the salutation of a friendly letter and the complimentary 
         close of any letter; a colon follows the salutation of a business letter.

P10   Commas separate and follow items of address or date.

P11   Colons come before a formal list, an enumeration, an illustration,
         and a long quotation.

P12   Commas mark the omission of verbs that have already been
         expressed in the preceding clauses.


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